The BRAIN Decision Making Acronym

Background The BRAIN decision making acronym is a simple tool that helps us to understand how to make better decisions. By giving us some things to consider about decisions, it allows us to weigh up the range of options we have in order to pick the right path. The BRAIN Decision Making Acronym The BRAIN … Read more

The Questioning Funnel – Effective Questioning

Background The questioning funnel is a technique that can help you improve how you ask questions, whether in sales, fact-finding or coaching. The questioning funnel shows us how to use different types of questions in a particular order to gather the information that we need. The Questioning Funnel The questioning funnel is broken down into … Read more

Empathy Maps – What Are They and How to Use Them

Background An empathy map is a tool that you can use to better understand your customers or colleagues. In fact, they can be used to better understand anyone. It allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the person the empathy map relates to so you can provide better, more meaningful responses. It also … Read more

Dealing With Customer Complaints – The Satisfaction Triangle

Background The satisfaction triangle helps us to understand what customers need to feel when they make a complaint. It’s a great way of ensuring that we can deliver a great customer experience, even when a customer is complaining. When a customer makes a complaint, they need to feel certain things in order to feel satisfied … Read more

The Eisenhower Matrix

Background The Eisenhower matrix is a simple tool used to help you to prioritise your tasks. Often referred to as the urgent and important matrix, it helps us to add tasks to categories to help understand what we should be working on. Originally developed by President Eisenhower, the tool has also become known as the … Read more

Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model

Background Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model – developed by Canadian author Tim Hurson is a structured approach to solving problems or generating creative ideas. It encourages the use of a structured framework to help solve problems and issues and was published in his book Think Better. Being creative in probing solving allows you to understand issues … Read more

The 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique

Background The 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique is a question-asking technique used to determine the root cause of a problem. It’s a simple tool to assess a problem and find out what the actual cause of the problem is or was. The 5 in the title suggests it should take no more than 5 questions … Read more

De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats ®

Background De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats is a tool that is used in problem-solving and decision making to look at a problem or issue from various angles and perspectives. It can be used as a tool by individuals or by teams and groups. It’s also an effective tool to use in meetings when facilitating discussions … Read more

The AIDA Sales Technique

Background The AIDA Sales Technique is a structure used in sales and marketing to provide a step by step approach through a sales conversation. It shows how a salesperson can lead a customer through various steps to influence them to buy. Having this kind of understanding and structure can lead to more sales. The AIDA … Read more

The Johari Window Model

Background The Johari window model is a way of helping us to build better relationships by understanding ourselves and others. It helps us to see how we impact others and how others impact us. The model provides a good insight into the things we can all do to understand our relationships with others and how … Read more

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