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Running Successful Meetings Training Course

Learn how to make meetings more effective, productive and engaging with our Running Successful Meetings Training Course.

Find out more how to maintain positivity and focus and drive actions.  Understand how to deal with conflicting styles of people and give responsibility.  Tackle complex issues and know how to deal with different behaviours during meetings.

Course Delivery Options
Open Course

Our Running Successful Meetings Training Course is only delivered as an in-house course.

See below for more details.


Great News! We can deliver our Running Successful Meetings Training Course at your business or any location you arrange anywhere in the UK.

See below for details.

Bespoke Design

Need something a bit more specific? Let us work with you to design a Bespoke Running Successful Meetings Training Course for you. See below for more details and how to get started.

The Course Aims

This Running Successful Meetings training course will look at the skills and techniques for running successful meetings. The course will look at the role of the chairperson and the tools and approaches they can use to get the maximum benefit out of meetings and ensure meeting objectives are achieved.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this Running Successful Training Course will:

  • Know how to achieve maximum performance out of meetings
  • Be able to use a range of tools to deal with challenges, keep meetings on track and produce outcomes and decisions
  • Know how to set clear meeting objectives and ensure they are achieved
  • Manage differing styles of people during a meeting
  • Generate buy-in from meeting attendees and keep meetings upbeat and positive
Our Approach
No PowerPoint

Yes, you read that right! We’ve removed PowerPoint from this and many of our other courses.

Instead we opt for more creative ways to deliver course content and create more discussions in our courses.

Less Theory, More Practical

We don’t spend time on theory. We’ll introduce it but focus more attention on practical tools and ideas that you can actually take away and use.

We’ll provide the theory in your course materials to take away with you.

Clear Pricing

Our pricing is clear. You’ll see the exact price of our open training courses on our site.

We’ll quote an all-inclusive price for in-house and bespoke work. You won’t pay a penny more than we quote you for your course.

Click a Tab, Get More Details

Here are all of the details you need about our Running Successful Meetings training course. We’re here to help if you have any other questions. You can see all of the ways to get in touch here.

Here’s what we cover in our Running Successful Meetings Training Course:

Preparing for a Meeting

  • What is a good meeting?
  • Setting meeting objectives
  • Building the agenda for the meeting
  • Sending out meeting invites and generating positivity before the meeting even starts

Roles in a Meeting

  • What is the role of the chairperson in the meeting
  • What is the role of the delegates in the meeting
  • Ensuring all attendees understand their role and responsibilities in the meeting

Tools and Techniques

  • Understanding a range of tools to use during meetings
  • Facilitation/questioning
  • Edward De Bono’s 6 thinking hats
  • Capturing ideas and actions
  • Using other resources such as slides, handouts and flips

Differing Styles

  • Personality and working styles
  • How to adapt your style to communicate effectively with individuals and the group as a whole
  • Using the styles to your benefit
  • Dealing with conflict between the styles and different behaviours in general

 Generating a positive outlook and buy-in

  • How to keep meetings upbeat and positive
  • Dealing with negative delegates

 Closing Meetings

  • Finalising and distributing actions
  • Bringing meetings to a successful close

If you opt to have this course delivered in-house, the content above can be tweaked and changed to ensure the course meets your specific needs.

We can deliver this running successful meetings training course in-house to a group of up to 12 people in your organisation.

We can tweak the course content to align it closer to your business needs.  The course will be delivered by one of our professional hand-picked trainers who will provide the skills and knowledge and allow plenty of time to practice the skills.  They will also ensure that everyone leaves with an action plan that details what they will do next.

To find out more about having a running successful meetings training course delivered in-house at your business, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.  Be sure to tell us what course you are looking for and in what location.  Alternatively you can call us on 03333 444575.

Our Running Successful Meetings Training Course is currently only available as an in-house course. See the in-house tab for more information.

The reviews below are submitted by past delegates. If you would like to see more then please get in touch. We can pull together some feedback from our evaluation forms to help you make a more informed decision about this course.

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Download a copy of the running successful meetings training course overview by clicking here.

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