Exercise 2


Research shows that you learn more when you're enjoying the process

Our training courses have been designed to be interactive and engaging, no matter how you attend
Down to Earth

You'll find our approach to learning professional, yet relaxed and conversational

Exercise 2

Take a look at each statement below and decide whether you completely disagree, somewhat disagree, somewhat agree or completely agree with each statement.

Personality Profile
I prefer other people to be direct and to the point *
I'm enthusiastic about new projects *
I find it hard to deal with criticism *
I like clear, logical and detailed instructions *
I prefer to be in charge or in control *
I often take risks to get a result, especially if I think it will help achieve a goal *
I have a small group of friends or colleagues that I'm very loyal to *
I'd rather do things right than quickly *
I'm determined to get a results when working on tasks *
I prefer to create visions of future possibilities rather than plan how to get there *
I have the ability to stay calm and balanced *
I like to be consistent *
I use initiative and like to be resourceful *
I like to talk and share my thoughts and ideas with others *
I like to work with the same group of people *
I prefer to work to a routine *
I would describe myself as competitive *
I like to promote new ideas (especially if they are mine) *
I tend to agree with other peoples Ideas (especially if it strengthens a relationship) *
I need to understand the reasons behind ideas before I'll get on board *
I prefer to find fixes to problems rather than investigate why they happened *
People knowing and recognising me is important to me *
I tend to go with the majority rather than push my own agenda *
I need the facts before I'll make a decision or commit to a task *
When I invest time doing something I need to see results *
I enjoy being in the middle of tasks rather than on the outside looking in *
I dislike confrontation and avoid it when I can *
I describe myself as conscientious *
I'm more action focused than thinking focused *
I like to work on a variety of tasks rather than just one *
I take others feelings into account when making decisions *
I strive for perfection rather than results *
I'd rather make decisions on the spot than think about them *
I would describe myself as being spontaneous *
I take time to nurture relationships *
I need details and tend to communicate using lots of it *
I'm persistent when it comes to getting a result *
I would describe myself as inspirational when I communicate *
I like people to get along and will help others build relationships *
I analyse problems or tasks in detail before deciding what to do *

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Our Approach

No PowerPoint
Yes, you read that right! We’ve removed PowerPoint from our face to face training courses.

Instead we opt for more creative ways to deliver course content and create more discussions in our courses.
Always Interactive
No matter how you attend your course, we will alway ensure it's interactive and engaging.

Our courses are designed specially for the delivery method to ensure we maximise the tools available.
Less Theory, More Practical
We don’t spend time on theory. We’ll introduce it but focus more attention on practical tools and ideas that you can actually take away and use.

We’ll provide the theory in your course materials to take away with you.
Clear Pricing
Our pricing is clear. You’ll see the exact price of our open training courses on our site where these are available.

We’ll quote an all-inclusive price for in-house and bespoke work. You won’t pay a penny more than we quote you.

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