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Recent Client Feedback


5.0 rating
15th November 2019

Really enjoyed the course, small group which was perfect as it allowed open discussions. Would certainly recommend.

Katie Lees

Excellent informal overview

5.0 rating
8th November 2019

Revolution delivered just what I’d hoped for (in fact a bit more if anything) with a really engaging overview of leadership and management. The trainer really listened to what the people on the course wanted to learn about, and clearly knew his stuff in depth so he could jump around in response to whatever random queries we threw at him! It was clearly an informal training option, aimed at getting us to know what we needed to know rather than giving us comprehensive textbook knowledge of everything we didn’t need to know – but for a two day course this was definitely the right approach. Highly recommended.

Nick Martin

Presentation skills course

4.0 rating
7th November 2019

I really enjoyed the course as covered a lot of content and ideas. It highlighted the areas I need to improve on.

christine miller

Great course

5.0 rating
4th November 2019

This 1 day training course was a good introduction to leadership and management skills. There were 4 o us on the course which allowed for plenty of discussion and opportunities to get advice around individual situations.

Madison Rogers

Time Management Course

5.0 rating
29th October 2019

I recently attended a Time Management Course led by Rachel Sweet. I took a lot of positives away from the course, and a lot of tips and information that I will be incorporating into my role. I feel more confident that I will be able to manage my time more efficiently to achieve more in my working day, as well as my personal life. Thank you Rachel!

Jayde Bassett

Great tailored course!

5.0 rating
28th October 2019

I attended a time management course in Southampton. I was really impressed with how the course was tailored to our specific needs. The content was put in simple terms and made it easy to relate to – rather than being lots of theory/books etc! Would really recommend.

Holly Pomeroy

Time Managemnt Course

5.0 rating
28th October 2019

Thoroughly enjoyable and learned a great deal. Would recommend to everyone, as can be applied not only to one’s work place but in everyday life.

Lucy Bartram

Time management

5.0 rating
28th October 2019

Really good day.

Sarah Windsor

Negotiation and Influencing Skills

4.0 rating
7th October 2019

This was an excellent insight into Influencing and Negotiation and has provided me with some new skills and abilities in order to enable me to create a bespoke session for my firm.
Thanks Andrew for a great learning experience.

andrew pimblett

Leadership Skills

5.0 rating
7th October 2019

Great day – really insightful in how I can manage/lead my team based on their personalities.
Will be using the willing/able table in our office to define how to manage the team and address any issues.

Natalee Winfield-Hunt
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