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Is There a Difference Between Delivering a Presenation and Public Speaking?

It's a great question to ask. We often have clients contact us about our Presentation…

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how to invite people to meetings

How to Invite People to a Meeting

Inviting people to a meeting sounds like it should be a simple thing to do.…

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How to Create Positive Habits that Lead to Success

We all have habits. We tend to think of most of them as negative. Picking…

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Dealing With Interruptions – Start an Interruptions Log

One thing that gets in the way of effective time management is interruptions. Whether these…

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Recent Client Feedback

Presentation Skills Training Course

5.0 rating
10th December 2019

An excellent course. I suffer from huge anxiety and nerves even at the thought of having to stand up and deliver a presentation; after being on this course I definitely feel less anxious and more able to give it a go! Really useful course, thank you.

Michelle O'Mahony

Presentation skills

5.0 rating
5th December 2019

Great workshop!
David was very knowledgeable and I took lots away, that I will 100% use in the future to improve my presentation.

Jack Stokoe

Review of Leadership Course

4.0 rating
3rd December 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I gained so much out of this course that will help me in my current role and future roles. The tutor was excellent, really easy to engage with and fully engaged in what we wished to gain from the course and the differing roles and situations each of the participants were in.

Lynne Haxton

very useful tips and advice

5.0 rating
2nd December 2019

I had a very enjoyable experience, I feel I have taken a lot from the day.
our trainer was very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable, we was able to share our experiences and relate to each other. I would strongly recommend this course.


Leadership Skills

4.0 rating
29th November 2019

David was a knowledgeable tutor and the day was relaxed but informative. He tailored things to suit our individual needs. Thank you.

Simon Warren

Time Management Course

5.0 rating
22nd November 2019

I enjoyed this course as you were made feel at ease and it was held in a good location with great service. I enjoyed the fact that I also learned more about myself as a person and what I feel my long term goals are. I would recommend this course for other people.


Time Management

5.0 rating
22nd November 2019

Great course taken with Fiona Bryan, very knowledgeable and easy to have an open discussion with. Ensured full booklet completed and was a pleasure to be taught by.

Daniel McDonough

Communication Skills

5.0 rating
22nd November 2019

Very useful course with amazing tutor

Aleksandra Parkitna

Time management

5.0 rating
21st November 2019

I found the course very insightful and well delivered at a good pace.
It chalenged my concept of how i run my time and gave me some good tools to improve how i use my time particularly planning & scheduling tasks.

Mick Draper

Time Management Nottingham 18 November

5.0 rating
20th November 2019

An excellent course. Informative and clear to follow. Effective and simple ways to improve time management. Could see at once where the processes could be applied to my job role.
David Lumley was friendly and approachable.

Richard Berrington
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