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Human Resources Training Courses

Human Resources Training Courses delivered in-house and as open training courses in towns and cities across the UK.

To find out more about individual Human Resources training courses, see below.  Click on a subject to find out more.  You will find further information about in-house delivery and open training courses on those pages.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more bespoke solution, click here to find out more about our Training and Development Consultancy Service.

appraisal skills training course

Appraisal Skills

Learn how to conduct effective appraisals that drive performance with our Appraisals Skills Training Course.  Our Appraisal Skills training course is delivered and an open course across the UK or in-house.

Improve your skills as a performance appraiser and ensure that appraisals that are completed are effective, drive performance and include clear objectives.

disciplinary and grievance training course

Disciplinary & Grievance

Learn how effectively manage the process when people are persistently under-performing and find out how to use your disciplinary and grievance  process to manage individual and team performance.

Understand what you should do when under-performance occurs and continues and how to set clear action plans.

hr training courses

HR For Managers

Learn how to deal with HR issues, policies and processes at management level with our HR for Managers training Course.

Find out more about your HR roles and responsibilities and what you should do should a HR issue happen or be raised.

Know how to use the process and policy to improve performance and know when to get HR involved.

interviewing skills training course

Interviewing Skills

Learn how to conduct effective interviews that help you pick the best people for the job in your business with our Interviewing Skills Training Course.

Prepare effective interview questions and selection criteria, structure the interview and ask questions in the right way to ensure you give the candidate the best chance possible to show you how good they are.

managing performance training course

Managing Performance

Learn how to effectively manage performance with our Managing Performance Training Course.

Find out how to use your performance management process effectively, and how to set clear action plans to ensure improvements in performance continue and how to get the buy in from the team member to improve.

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