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We're here to help with your learning and development needs . We offer a full service learning and development consultancy.

Full-Service Learning and Development Consultancy

No matter what you need from a training provider, we can help. Our full service learning and development consultancy provides you with access to a host of services.

We will work with you and your business as training consultants to ensure you get the maximum out of your training budget.

As a training consultancy, we will work in partnership to help you and your business understand your training and development gaps, produce realistic proposals to close the gaps, design and deliver training and development solutions then provide an evaluation to identify the improvements made.

We follow a 4 step training consultancy process.  These steps are:

Define – The initial stage of the training consultancy process is to meet and discuss what our role as training consultants will be.  We want to know as much about the business as possible to help us later in the process.

We will gather as much data as we can.  We can do this in various ways such as a simple discussion, reviewing performance management data, training needs analysis and focus groups.  This will tell us where the gaps are, why they exist and initial ideas of what we can do together to close them.

We put all of this data into a detailed proposal and present it to you.  We will be very honest and suggest, where necessary, that training is not needed, and there is another path that you may want to take.

Also at this stage, we will begin to discuss the evaluation process of the solution.

Design – Once agreed, we will then design a training and development solution that closes the gaps we identified.  It may take the shape of a training course, coaching sessions or other training interventions.

At this stage, we will involve you every step of the way.  You will sign off on everything we do before moving on.

Deliver – We then move on to delivering your training solution.  Our hand-picked trainers and facilitators will work with the groups of people who the solution is aimed at to ensure they get the skills and knowledge they need.

You may also want to choose a train the trainer approach at this stage.  In other words, we had over the solution to your internal teams to deliver.

Evaluate – Once the solution has been delivered, we can then carry out a staged approach to evaluating the success of the solution using the Kirkpatrick 4 Stage Evaluation Model.

Once our evaluation has been concluded we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with any other recommendations.

You may choose not to engage as training consultants to carry out all of the above.  You can pick and choose our level of involvement in your business.

How it Works

It works by you telling us about your requirements and we will then build a proposal based on the information you provide.

This way you get the things you need to focus on all rolled up in one course, meaning you save time and money.

The proposal we produce will be detailed enough to show you an overview of the course, the course objectives and our price for putting everything together for you.  We keep our prices simple by giving you an all in cost, rather than breaking it down into various components.

If you like our proposal, you’re in the driving seat and decide what happens next.  We can talk on the phone, meet in person or Skype to discuss the way forward.

If you don’t like our proposal, you can provide us with some feedback or leave it at that; however, we would like to think we can build your perfect course for you.

It won’t cost you a penny to provide your details and to receive our proposal, and there’s no obligation to use our services.

How to Get Started

To talk to us about how we can help you, complete the form below.  Provide as much detail as you can and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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