The Power of Surprises – Why You Should Never Doubt Yourself

Years ago I made a video for YouTube and completely forgot that I'd posted it. I found it today and was shocked by how many people had viewed it and liked it. It taught me a valuable lesson that you should keep an eye on everything that you have done.

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Have you ever done something, completely forgot about it then found it again, only to be surprised by what you did?

About 5 years ago I made a short video for YouTube. It was a first attempt and was just me with a notepad and pen talking about prioritising tasks. It wasn’t great, but I’d invested the time into making it so published it.

A few days back I was adding a more recent video to YouTube and found that old video. It had almost 20K views and 200 likes. I was shocked and surprised by how many views it had. OK, in the grand scheme of things 20K views is a drop in the ocean compared to some videos. But, this is the highest view count of any video I’ve ever done.

And, it got me thinking. Is there anything else that I’ve done that I’ve just left and forgotten about?

It’s one of those things where you think that it will never come to anything. But it kind of has. And, if I had spent a bit more time writing a better description and other things, would it have done any better?

It shows that you should never doubt what you have done, and follow up everything. You never know what you might have missed.

If you are interested, here is the video: