Microsoft Outlook Introduction Training Course

Our Microsoft Outlook Introduction training course is only available as an in-house course. We can deliver the course as a face to face course and a live virtual online course in-house just for your business.

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Microsoft Outlook Introduction Course – The Details

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Course Highlights

Here’s some quick information about our Microsoft Outlook Introduction course:

  • Delivered anywhere in the UK as an in-house course
  • Can also be delivered online just for your organisation
  • We work with you to make the course match your needs more closely

Course Aim

Our one day Online Microsoft Outlook Introduction training course will provide those that attend with the basics of how to use this very much used software.

Our Online Microsoft Outlook Introduction Training Course introduces using Microsoft Outlook to manage emails, calendars, meetings, tasks and resources within the software.

Microsoft Outlook makes communicating, sharing information and setting up meetings easier, leaving you more time to focus on the things that really make a difference in your business.

It’s more than just a tool for sending emails.  It has many other functions that can save you and your colleagues so much time when used effectively.

Course Objectives

Those who attend this Microsoft Outlook Introduction Training Course will be able to:

  • Find their way around Microsoft outlook
  • Confidently use the email functions
  • Create folders and organise emails
  • Build an address book and know how to keep contact information up to date
  • Create and maintain a calendar
  • Create tasks and to-do lists.

Course Content

Here’s what we cover in our Microsoft Outlook Introduction training course:

An Overview of Outlook

  • Outlook main screens, the ribbon, menu options and toolbar
  • The navigation and preview panes
  • The to-do bar
  • The other main areas of Outlook
  • The Address Book
  • Understanding the functions of the address book
  • Address lists
  • Adding and editing contacts
  • Distribution lists


  • Creating an email
  • The To, CC and BCC functions
  • Composing and formatting emails
  • Adding a signature
  • Open, closing and reading emails
  • Reply to, reply to all and forwarding emails
  • Attaching files to be sent with an email
  • Importance and sensitivity options
  • Read receipts and delivery reports
  • Creating folders and email rules for orgainising emails


  • Create an Outlook calendar
  • Add appointments
  • Schedule a meeting and invite participants
  • Creating and viewing other calendars
  • Sharing calendars
  • Setting reminders
  • Using the categories function

Tasks and To-Do Lists

  • Add a new task and edit existing tasks
  • Setting reminders
  • Create a re-occurring task
  • Delegate tasks to others
  • Sending status reports
  • Entering and editing notes to tasks
  • Categorising and colouring tasks
  • Add a colour note
  • Forward notes to others
  • Saving notes to your desktop

When you bring this course in-house, the content above can be tweaked and changed to meet the needs of your team.

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Who Should Attend our Microsoft Outlook Introduction Training Course?

In-House Delivery

A 1 day training course with one of our highly experienced trainers at your location or online. You also get

  • Course materials for each delegate to take away
  • A course certificate
  • Reporting on delegate evaluation
  • Access to MyRevolution Learning to retain access to your materials and stay in touch with your trainer

Have Some Questions?

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our Microsoft Outlook Introduction training course:

Our Microsoft Outlook Introduction courses are delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers. We live and breathe what we talk about in these sessions as we use most of the tools and techniques ourselves on a daily bases and bring this real-world experience into the session and the examples that we use.

Yes. We have lots of articles about Microsoft Outlook Introduction in the .

Open Online Course

We currently only deliver this Microsoft Outlook Introduction course just for your organisation. We can do this in-person at your office or a location of your choice or as a live virtual training course. We can deliver this via Zoom, Teams, Webex or any other platform that you are currently using and comfortable with.

Here are the most recent reviews that have been left for our Microsoft Outlook Introduction Training Course. If you would like to see more detailed reviews then please get in touch and we can pull some data from our course evaluations together for you.

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