Are You Good at Your Job – Why Receiving Feedback is Important

How do you feel about receiving and seeking feedback? In this post, one of our trainers shares their feelings about the feedback that they receive from delegates.

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Do you have any final comments about the training today?

Customer advocacy is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. This blog is indirectly about that.

No point in shying away from that fact – we’d love to share our training experience with you and our customers repeatedly tell us we do a great job.

This frank assessment of ‘why you should care’ at all about reading this I hope reflects my honest attempt at self-reflection having once again stumbled upon a topic that I hope resonates with many; self-doubt, criticism and humility.

For 10 years now a significant part of my work life has involved relative strangers telling me what they think of me and my performance that day.

I consider the privilege of training delivery, in part at least, to be akin to a stage performance and remind myself every day that many guests did not buy tickets themselves, but rather, were sent to the ‘show’ by some other (presumably) well-meaning colleague.

Every show has its critics and I’m no exception in receiving my share of negative comments and constructive criticism. As in life, the negatives invariably seem to weigh more heavily than the positives and, even though I consciously remind myself that all comments are useful and rigorously practice leaving time between the end of the course and reading the feedback, they still play on my mind in ways that seem to damage rather than build.

I am at least smart enough to remember this fact when I am experiencing the lows that come with criticism and can therefore wrest some control from my emotional thinking. Well enough to gain a reasonable sense of perspective on things anyway. This still doesn’t change the fact that one poor experience from a group of a dozen delegates plays heavily on my mind and, in some cases, for too long.

It was with a little apprehension then that, when asked to pull some feedback comments together for a large proposal, I began looking back through my records for the first few months of 2020 when face to face delivery was the norm.

I knew from the get-go that I would find far more positives than negatives (the data is in – 97% Good to Excellent) and that, naturally, the negatives wouldn’t find themselves into the proposal, but I still felt the reaction pangs of self-doubt just as keenly, when I came across the few negative comments, as I had when I first read them.

This is not, however, a blog about learning to overcome these small adversities or in fact, anything on the side of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ but rather it is about the surprising lack of self-esteem building I have managed in the face of such overwhelming positivity.

It’s not that I lack self-esteem. I’m generally quite happy with myself most of the time. It’s that, looking at the information and data, I should perhaps be far more confident and positive than I am.

For the first time in my life, I have begun to question my humility instead of questioning my capabilities.

The desire not to be big-headed or to show-off in any kind of ostentatious fashion has always tempered my desires for greatness (I’m honest enough to acknowledge, that’s what I really want – and I’m certain this is not a unique desire) and I’ve always considered this a good thing.

But maybe not taking the positives as positively as they were given is also doing a disservice to those willing enough to share their opinions. I’ve had to face the unsettling idea that ‘discounting the positive’ is perhaps not a sign of humility but rather false modesty on my part. Although having a large ego is considered undesirable, I accept that at times it is proper to take credit where it is due.

And that reconciliation gives me the chance to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported my career with their feedback and, in particular those whose comments found their way onto my research document.

For a long time, I’ve tried to remember to offer my thanks and positive feedback to those who serve and in such a way as to make it really matter; as their service did to me.

I’m humbled, but not too humbled, to share this selection of comments with you.

If you are looking for a training provider, perhaps this will help with your research.

Leadership Skills

“Fantastic, thank you” – Alex, Lancashire

“Great day, Andrew has been great at delivering” – Joanne, Essex

“Engaging trainer, interesting day” – Kim, Essex

“Really enjoyed today, informal style enhanced learning” – Gemma, Essex

“Andrew was very engaging & I found the whole day worthwhile” – Debbie, Essex

“Really enjoyed the course – great trainer, really engaging and funny” – Kerry, Essex

“Very helpful and fun course. Looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I have gained in the past few days” – Eugene, Bedfordshire

“The course was worthwhile. I had a nice time and learned a lot. Good trainer.” – Adrian, Bedfordshire

“Very informative and very informal course. Gave me confidence and new abilities to face new challenges. Thank you very much.” – Mary – Glasgow

“Very informative and worthwhile course” – Siobhan, Glasgow

“Great training + great trainer! Thanks so much and would definitely recommend” – Sarah, Glasgow

“The course, trainer and venue were all better than expected” – John, Glasgow

“Great day overall!” – Rachel, Tyneside

“Fabulous ?” – Rachel, Tyneside

“I found the course very beneficial. Thank you!” Melissa, Cardiff

“Was fun and Andrew was full of energy” – Marcus, Cardiff


Customer Service Skills

“Trainer was very descriptive, listened well. Helpful and learned a lot” – Ebony, Sheffield

“Good interactive course and friendly teacher” – Claire, Nottinghamshire

“Really informative, really enjoyed the course” – Natasha, Nottinghamshire

“Excellent course” – Dave, Liverpool

“I have really enjoyed the course today. Andrew was great” – Laura, Liverpool

“It was very helpful” – Monica, Tyneside

“Very well put together and delivered well. Very comfortable and safe environment adapted to the customer service role here and relevant” – Jane, Tyneside

“Great trainer – too much role play ?” – Louise, Tyneside

“Enjoyed the session” – Suzanne, Tyneside


“Exemplary, Andrew did a grand job” – Ed, Clydeside

“Andrew’s presentation was excellent and covered all areas of concerns for me” – Pat, Glasgow

“Lots of ideas and takeaways packed into a super day. Liked the flexible structure” – Jon – Leeds

“Really well delivered and beneficial” – Kat – Leeds

“Andrew is an experienced trainer with a very pleasant manner” – Anne, Wiltshire

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Andrew. He explained everything very clearly” – Lindsay, Wiltshire

“Excellent course, lovely bloke” James, Wiltshire

“Thank you, Andrew. Very engaging session. Not too serious in the way information was delivered” – Stacey, Wiltshire


Business Writing Skills

“Thanks for a fab day! I learned a lot!” – Baiba, Bristol

“Thank you for a great session, really useful” – Katie, Bristol

“Brilliant teacher, would 100% recommend” – Hollie, Bristol


Time Management

“V enjoyable + useful. Thank you!” – Deborah, Dublin

“I think this course was very good and I have learnt a lot about time management. It will definitely help me with my current role and in what I do” – Monika, Dublin

“Good, well presented and enjoyable therefore led to attentiveness” – Rosemary, Hampshire

“It was a pleasure to sit in, thank you” – Gareth, Hampshire

“Good day – confirmed existing skills and built on others” Mike, Hampshire

“A very well presented and engaging course that has outlined lots of processes and resources in Time Management” – Graham, Hampshire

“Excellently delivered, engaging content. Thanks” – Tony, Hampshire

“Helped to cement some of the time management tools I already use and introduced technology tools better” – Nicholas, Hampshire

“Worthwhile use of time” – Joe, Hampshire

“Honestly, really really great. Thank you” – Isabelle, Leeds

“Andrew’s laid back and sartorial approach was refreshing. What a great course, I have come away with some very helpful techniques” – Sue, Leeds

“Good trainer. Flexible structure applied. Opened communication between staff members. Very valuable session” – Hardeep, Leicester

“Thank you. Very helpful and informative. Some new ideas and ways to look at our working procedures” – Paul, Leicester

“Facilitated open, honest discussion which opens the door to improvements. Session tailored to the group. Very positive and helpful session” – Maria, Leicester

“The Time Management course has sparked thoughts on how I manage my immediate and future tasks. More importantly, I will assess how I interact and manage our Development teams’ workload. Great course” – David, Leicester

“Useful and interesting information. Ideas and suggestions which can be discussed with the team to explore ways to work and plan better” – Michael, Leicester


Commercial Awareness

“Andrew clearly knew the subject and was very able to relate it to our business. Was good at getting participation from the group” – Jill, York

“Very well delivered course” – Jamie, York

“Thank you, Andrew, for making the course interesting and enjoyable” – Rebecca, York


Minute Writing

“Enjoyed the day and activities were a good way of learning” – Anwen, Carmarthenshire

“Beneficial to my role, would have liked more examples of re-writing minutes. Useful information was given!” – Donna, Carmarthenshire

“Well delivered and an enjoyable course. It was very informative. Thank you” – Sharon, Carmarthenshire

“Worthwhile course. Good perspective on skills for minute taking and listening” – Rachel, Carmarthenshire

“I feel confident that this will help me at future meetings” – Fiona, Carmarthenshire


Negotiating & Influencing

“A really valuable day thank you” – Will, Yorkshire

“Very good trainer and kept it fun and informative” – James, Yorkshire

“Great day” – Sam, Yorkshire

“Very informative day! Thank you” – Steve, Yorkshire

“Good fun and easily understandable” – Thomas, Yorkshire

“Excellent course – appeared to be more than 1 days’ worth of information” – Andrew, Yorkshire

“Very useful. Took a lot from this!” – Callum, Yorkshire


How do you feel when you receive feedback? Do you actively seek it or shy away from it?

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