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Thinking About Thinking – Where Does the Time Go?

Time Management
Following a recent time management course, I had cause to think about the topic of our next blog post on this subject. See my thoughts in the post below.

Shifting the advantage in Negotiation – Value vs Cost

Influencing, Negotiation Skills
Everyone wants a good deal. But not everyone values things in the same way. A carefully crafted plan when heading to the meeting table can help you get the best deal. In this post, we look at value v's cost.

5 Conversation Tools Every Leader Needs in Their Tool Kit.

We recently shared some short videos on our social media channels about how to hold different kinds of conversations with your team members. Here are 5 powerful conversations tools you can use.

10 Hints and Tips to Strengthen Your Resilience

Health and Wellbeing
Hot to build resilience. Resilient people are able to use their skills and strengths to cope and recover from knockbacks and challenges. Learn 10 quick tips to boost your resilience.

Why We Don’t Want to Be the Best – Just Better!

About Us
We completely changed the way we think about our position in the market after reading the Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. We don't want to be the best. Just better!

Why Having a Routine Can Help With Productivity

Time Management
Time management is a misnomer. You can’t manage time. You can only manage you. Here are some tips on how having a routine can help you become more productive.

10 Tips for Managing Your Stress Levels

Health and Wellbeing
Stress is something that we feel when we lose control. It can be healthy in small doses but learning how to manage it is vital to our wellbeing. Here are some tips to help you manage your stress levels.

Building Assertiveness from the Inside – It’s Not Just a Skill

Assertiveness Skills, Attitude and Behaviour
Assertiveness it often referred to as just a skill; but, the truth is assertiveness mainly comes from within. In this post we look at some ideas on how to build assertiveness from the inside - not just a mask that you wear.

2 Chefs Fighting Over a Lemon – A Story of Collaboration & Compromise

Assertiveness Skills, Managing Conflict
Did you hear the one about 2 chefs fighting over a lemon? It's a story about Collaboration & Compromise and came up in a recent online training course. We'll let the trainer tell the story.

10 Top Tips for Jumpstarting Procrastination

Time Management
Do you procrastinate? Here are 10 top tips to help you to jumpstart procrastination and get more things done in your day.