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4 Power Words You Can Use to Be More Assertive

Assertiveness Skills
In this post, we look at 4 power words that you can use to be more assertive. Assertiveness is communication, so our body language, voice and words all help us to portray assertiveness. These 4 power words will help with your assertive language.

8 Different Leadership Styles and How To Use Each

In this post, we look at 8 common leadership styles and how to use each of them. Knowing how to mix up your leadership styles based on the individual and situation you are in is the sign of a great leader.

The Importance of Customer Service to Any Business

Customer Service
Does your organisation understand the importance of customer service? In this post, we look at the importance of customer service in any business and share some tips on how to deliver good customer service to customers.

How to Conduct Effective Appraisals

Performance Appraisals, Performance Management
In this post, we look at how to conduct an effective appraisal. Performance appraisals have been part of business for a very long time, but as businesses become leaner, for many the appraisal has lost its impact or is no longer completed at all.

19 Tips For Being a Better Manager

Leadership, Management Tips
We've put together 19 tips for becoming a better manager. These tips are easy to implement and are designed to increase your own motivation, performance and productivty.

Project Management Skills – Drill Down Technique

Project Management
It's been 5 years since our associate Andrew finished designing and building his home office. As it's become increasingly popular, he thought he'd share some simple ideas he has used successfully at both home and at work to deliver complex projects.

The Power of Surprises – Why You Should Never Doubt Yourself

Productivity, Time Management
Years ago I made a video for YouTube and completely forgot that I'd posted it. I found it today and was shocked by how many people had viewed it and liked it. It taught me a valuable lesson that you should keep an eye on everything that you have done.

The 6 Principles of Effective Time Management

Time Management, Productivity, Video Post
When we run a time management course, we follow our 6 Principles of Time Management. This post explains what these are and how you can use them.

How to Respond to Negative Feedback and Situations

Resilience, Video Post
How you respond to negative feedback and situations can have a long lasting affect on everything that you do. Here we look at some ways that you can personally respond to this feedback and those situations.

2 Things You Can Do Every Day to Be More Productive

Time Management, Productivity, Video Post
How can you become more productive? I've followed the same routine when I start work every day for over 10 years. Here's how this has helped my with my Time Management and made me more productive, efficient and effective.