Assertiveness Profile Tool

Find out how assertive you are and compare this to how aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive you are. Complete the questionnaire below to see your results.

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Assertiveness Profile
When confronting someone about a problem I feel very uncomfortable *
I remain calm and confident when faced with sarcasm, ridicule or poorly handled criticism *
Being liked by other people is very important to me, even if that means 'buying' their co-operation at times *
I really don't like conflict and will avoid it any way I can *
I am easily upset or intimidated by ridicule or sarcasm *
It's easy for me to lose my temper *
I like it better when people work out what I want without me having to tell them *
I'll use the volume of my voice or tough eye contact or sarcasm to get what I want from other people *
Patience with other people isn't one of my strong points *
I feel confident in my ability to handle positively most work situations involving confrontation with other people *
I find it easy to poke or wag my index finger at other people *
If asked to do something I don't want to do, I'll do it but deliberately won't do it as well as I could *
I address problems directly without blame or judgement *
Any impatience I feel for other people comes out in my body language rather than my telling the other person about it directly *
I feel it is alright to ask for what I want or explain how I feel *
It's more important that I get what I want rather than that people like me *
I feel comfortable with the amount of eye contact I make with other people and I believe they feel comfortable with it too *
I'll use sarcasm or little jokes to make my point *
I really don't like conflict so will use other ways to make my feelings known, such as impatient or 'cutting' by the way remarks *
I may not be very direct with people but they can tell what I think of them just by looking at me *
By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website in line with our Privacy Policy. *

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