negotiation top tips

Negotiation Top Tips

Here are some negotiation top tips to help you negotiate and influence more effectively, you need to have a plan and a structure. Here are some top tips to help you to negotiate better and apply a basic structure.

why you need a personal network

Why a Personal Network is So Important When Going It Alone

When I started about 2 years ago I surrounded myself with professional people to help get things of the ground and to ask for businesses advice, but now I begin to realise I should have had a different network. Things have really come to a head this past few months and I've had to make…

does coaching work

Does Coaching Really Work

Does coaching really work? We often get asked if coaching really works when it comes to personal and professional development and also managing performance. This post looks at this question and offers some answers.

Motivation Using Dean Spitzer’s 8 Desires of Motivation

There are many motivational theories out there, but one of my favourites I've come across in the past has to be Dean Spitzers 8 Desires of Motivation. In his book 'Supermotivation', Spitzer describes 8 desires which causes inner motivation. This post looks at what these 8 desires are and how to use them.

Welcome to the Revolution Learning and Development Ltd Blog

Welcome to the new home of the Revolution Learning and Development Ltd. We haven’t blogged for a while, but we’re looking forward to sharing articles, tips, news, thoughts and updates from all of our staff who work for us and with us. Our first post will be along very soon.