negotiation top tips

Shifting the advantage in Negotiation – Value vs Cost

Everyone wants a good deal. But not everyone values things in the same way. A carefully crafted plan when heading to the meeting table can help you get the best deal. In this post, we look at value v's cost.

Stakeholder Analysis – The Power/Interest Grid

The Power/Interest Grid is a great tool for stakeholder analysis. It allows us to group our stakeholders into categories that will help us to understand how much interaction we need with them and the type of interaction that works.

How to Influence Your Manager

Do you want your manager to do things a different way or to take on-board ideas that you have. If yes, then you will need to influence them to come around to your way of thinking. In this post we look at some tips for how to influence your manager.

Diagnosing Behaviour and How to Change It

Behaviour and attitude can be a difficult thing to understand, particularly when you are a leader who has team members displaying negative behaviour. In this post, we look at how to find out what is going on by diagnosing behaviour and how to correct it.

9 tips for influencing effectively

6 Tips for Influencing Effectively

Influencing is about bringing someone around to your way of thinking. It's a powerful skill and can be used in a range of settings. In this post, we share 6 tips for influencing effectively.