The Praise Sandwich Technique

The Praise Sandwich and Why It Doesn’t Work

The praise sandwich is a feedback technique that is widely used to provide feedback. In this post, we look at how the praise sandwich works and how it can be improved to make it even more effective.

10 tips for new managers and leaders

10 Tips for New Managers and Leaders

Are you a new manager or leader? In this post, we look at 10 tips for new managers and leaders that will help you to progress into your new role and hit the ground running.

19 Tips For Being a Better Manager

We've put together 19 tips for becoming a better manager. These tips are easy to implement and are designed to increase your own motivation, performance and productivty.

Are Leaders Born or Developed

Mintzberg’s Management Roles

Mintzberg's Management Roles describes the different roles a manager or leader has. A leader will need to do various roles throughout the day and Mintzberg's Management Roles helps to understand what they are.

Management By Wandering Around (MBWA)

Management by Wandering Around (MBWA) shows that in order to get the best from people and really understand what is going on in the team, a manager or leader needs to walk around and talk to the team. In this post, we look at how to make Management by Wandering Around work.

Are You Making These Leadership Mistakes?

Lots of people attend our Leadership Skills Training Course. Many of them seem to be making the same leadership mistakes. Are you making any of these leadership mistakes? See what the common mistakes are in this post.