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Lessons in Leadership – Stuart Drummond

Lessons in Leadership
Former Hartlepool Mayor Stuart Drummond reveals his lessons in leadership while charting his meteoric rise to fame that took him from football mascot to front page news when he won the 2002 mayoral election ahead of Peter Mandelson's Labour candidate.

Don’t Make New Years Resolutions, Make a Plan Instead.

Attitude and Behaviour, Goals and Planning
Have you been making your new years resolutions? Resolutions themselves tend not to work. Turning them into a plan can help. Thispost looks at how to do just that.

Lessons in Leadership – Ellis Stewart

Lessons in Leadership
In our second interview, we're delighted to welcome Ellis Stewart, a self-published author whose book has regularly been inside the top ten within its genre of Mountaineering on Amazon UK and In 2014 and 2015, participated in expeditions to climb Mount Everest.

Are You Good at Your Job – Why Receiving Feedback is Important

About Us
How do you feel about receiving and seeking feedback? In this post, one of our trainers shares their feelings about the feedback that they receive from delegates.

Report Writing – What Makes a Good Report?

Business Writing
Report Writing is an important discipline for a wide variety of roles and the range of documents that arguably fall under that category is vast. Here are some tips on using active voice in your reports to make them more engaging.

Lessons in Leadership – Suzanne Eeles

Lessons in Leadership
In our second interview, we're delighted to welcome Suzanne Eeles, Managing Director of UKInsuranceNET who progressed from professional book-keeper to Managing Director in this very successful company.

What We’ve Learnt From Delivering Virtual Training

About Us, Virtual Training Courses
We've delivered virtual training courses since March 2019, but we've learn so much since the COVID-19 outbreak pushed more and more training online. Here's what we've learnt.

Lessons In Leadership Interview – Jill Dunn

Lessons in Leadership
In our first Lessons in Leadership interviews, we speak with Jill Dunn - a Senior Manager/Director, with 20+ years of leadership experience

Lessons In Leadership

Ahead of our forthcoming podcast interview series ‘Lessons in Leadership’, I thought it would be appropriate to put down some thoughts and memories that have been sources of inspiration for me over the years.

Motivation – A Force to Be Reckoned With

Some thoughts on Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how tis can be used as a force to motivate ourselves and others.